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RightCycle Consulting is a partnership between two friends devoted to community service and environmental justice. Founded in 2015 by Tim Motta and Tomer Shapira, RightCycle strives to serve the greater good with transparency. Tim and Tomer started this business to help clients and friends meet zero-waste goals with ease. RightCycle is a full-service zero-waste consulting agency committed to local solutions and social responsibility.


Tim is a proud resource-recovery consultant, Eagle Scout, and small business owner from Hayward, California.


Tim has been working in the field of zero waste since 2009. At that time, while attending Woodland Community College, he was introduced to the amazing world of resource recovery at the local Whole Earth Festival.  Soon thereafter, he decided his best course of action would be to drop out of school and sort trash as a lifestyle. This ignited a passion that developed into a career in the waste-recovery industry.


Since 2010, Tim has led teams and executed successful zero-waste plans at hundreds of unique special events. He also trains staff, develops tailored resource-recovery programs, and works to achieve the highest diversion rates possible. During the offseason, Tim likes to spend his time in Hawaii picking up trash and looking for seashells on the beach. He's a straight shooter and likes to make friends, so say hi!



Tomer Shapira has over 13 years of experience in zero-waste management and sustainability consulting. He’s collaborated with non-profits, city government agencies, local community groups, waste haulers, concert and special event venues, festivals, and more.


Tomer has dedicated his career to the zero-waste movement at the local level by working with the at-risk community, developing city-wide pilot programs, and designing educational zero-waste management systems at events attended by thousands.


When he is not out in the field, Tomer enjoys quiet walks on Ocean Beach with his dog Archie.

And here he is, the world's noblest zero-waste pup!


He's here to help too.

Oh My! More Kind Words

Good Morning Amazing Event Partners!


I would like to thank each of you for helping to make Saturday's event at City Hall an overwhelming, epic success!!  Events of this scale can't possibly be produced alone; it takes the efforts of dedicated and passionate professionals like you.  Each of you did an amazing job of bringing the theme of New Orleans to life.  Kudos to all of you!!

Thank you!!!


Rhonda Davidson
Senior Event Producer

Foxtail Catering and Events

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