What Is Zero Waste?

New to zero waste? No worries! We're experts in our field and happy to explain.

The term 'Zero Waste' refers to waste management strategies that avoid sending garbage to landfills or incinerators. Reusable resources are recycled while organic materials are composted and used for fertilizer.


At home, going zero-waste might be as simple as throwing kitchen scraps in a compost bin. For organizations and events, however, successful zero-waste management requires a systematic approach. Proper planning related to waste prevention, consumer involvement, and resource recovery requires forward thinking from step one.


We’re here to help you with every aspect of comprehensive zero-waste management planning and implementation. We work to ensure that your organization’s aim of eliminating landfill trash is met as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose Zero Waste?

It's economical.

It's ethical.

It's sustainable.

It's the future.

We're here to help.

RightCycle is committed to helping you through any and every step of the zero-waste process.

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